Customer insights
the moment you need them
From recruiting and organising participants to analysing
and reporting โ€” all done in a single day
Speak to your users instantly
Unveil is the only platform that recruits participants directly from your product and automates analysis cutting research time by weeks.
Focus on actual research instead
of mundane tasks
Analysis is executed simultaneously with customer interviews throughout the project, no need to review the recordings and read the transcripts

Speak to your users now instead of spending 2 weeks on organising

Unveil recruits relevant users from your website or app the moment you need them. Choose the exact user segments you need and get scheduled interviews in a day

With Unveil teams get better insights quicker,
increasing the number of successful
product landings, not just launches
Unveil is a tool that delivers actionable insights the moment you need them
Most research projects begin with weeks of setup and recruitment and then take weeks to complete. Unveil is built to shrink that to a day by removing all the manual tasks.
Recruit users instantly
Recruit participants in-product instead of waiting weeks, use your user segments as filters and eliminate no-shows

One-tab interviewing tool

Live notetaking, highlighting "aha"-moments and collaborating with observers without shifting focus

from the interview itself

Forget affinity mapping
Observations are grouped right after each interview instead of spending hours reading transcripts

Insights to actions

Insights and customer segments are automatically connected to create a compelling narrative

Instant reports
Interactive reports with quotes to convince stakeholders are available at every stage of the research project
Unveil is trusted by industry leaders
Product-driven companies choose Unveil
  • Oleg Ya
    Founder at

    Unveil democratizes insight discovery

    While data reveals what is or isn't working, it's often user research that explains why. And learning this is crucial to make the right decisions to grow your product. Unveil transforms a time-consuming process of user research into something anyone on the product team can excel at

  • Elena Pavรณn Moreno
    VP of Product, Sololearn

    Unveil helps teams understand customers better

    Unveil makes discovery research quicker and more accessible, supporting product teams from the moment they think of a research question to sharing the report with stakeholders. It's also super easy to find past research outcomes for teams to ensure they're not duplicating previously done work

  • Max Volosenkov
    Chief Product Officer,

    No more waiting weeks to get insights

    It's crucial for product managers and designers to deeply understand their customers. However, it often takes weeks before they get actionable insights. Unveil removes the wait and also empowers the team to get more research done

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